Kiki King (She/They)

Kiki is a Canadian-born, 2 Spirit Cree & Mohawk Queer/Indigenous business professional, activist and creative. She is a skilled musician, artist, photographer, and organizer. King possesses highly developed interpersonal skills, with proven success in large-scale community-building through marketing, events and social media engagement.

Leading heart-first, she has built a platform to share a message of achieving community wellness by empowering others through decolonization. She is a public speaker, leader, and eternal student of communication and learning. With skills in marketing, branding, social media, photography, graphic design, fashion styling, music, stage management, and large-scale events, she is a dynamo of creative and analytical/organizational talent.

"I build connections. I'm skilled in networking and have worked closely with many boards, non-profits, governmental/educational institutions, and mutual aid groups. Because of these experiences, I am also experienced in public relations, and strategy. I often take on consulting roles surrounding DEI. I am passionate about these subjects as I truly believe in the power of transformation when we are given our right to exist within brave-spaces."

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Instagram @itskikicosmo and


Youtube @kikiplanet

Spotify @ DAYTRVP